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Famous atheists

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Famous Atheists, Freethinkers and others who rejected religion

Historical Figures

  • Thomas Paine
  • Elizabeth Cady Stanton, feminist

Scientists & Philosophers

  • Jonas Anders Angstrom: founder of the field of specostropy
  • Marie Curie: won the 1903 nobel prize for physics and the 1911 nobel prize for chemistry
  • Richard Dawkins: an evolutionary biologist and an activist
  • Daniel Dennett: leading philosopher of the mind who has developed a theory on the question of origins and a supporter of Darwin's theory of evolution
  • Thomas Edison: the man who invented the light bulb
  • Albert Einstein: Won the nobel prize in physics, and developer of General Relativity and Special Relativity
  • Sam Harris: author, activist
  • Carl Sagan: an activist and popularizer of science
  • Nichola Tesla: Inventor of the electric motor, radio and alternating current

Writers & Journalists


Film, radio, television and theatre

Internet Pundits

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