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Dear readers, There are many people angry even hostile at the mention of "God" and even more so at the name of "Jesus". I have been thinking about this for some time and have come to many conclusions to many perplexing problems with our world today. If there is an answer to all mankind and the problems that drag along with it I agree with you it is "Religion" I believe in God as a Father also as a King. And since I have read that He created "MANKIND" I find it hard to believe that He would need you to practice a "Ritual" to know Him. Something happened that separated all of us from our "source". Should you think of God in any way you should think of Him not as a religious leader but as an unseen King who's first intentions were to colonize this earth with mankind created to be like Him. But like most rebellious colonies even our own we chose to advocate and be come self sufficient thus closing the supply line from the mother country we originated from. We declared independence from our sourc and were left to fend for ourselfs with a new nature contrary to the one who made us. We know good and evil that is the problem. I invite any one to discuss. Thank you

Pile's response

It's ironic that you wrote this, because just yesterday I addressed this fallacy in an essay I wrote called Is_atheism_hate_speech?

Freethinkers don't "hate." This is not an emotion that we employ nearly as often as religious people do. We require things for which we have contempt to be REAL and substantive. A nonexistent, so-called supernatural deity who claims to love us, but lays down all sorts of rules and threatens us with eternal suffering, is not something we give any personal consideration to.

This web site is not about being angry at god. It's about being frustrated with how delusional people have messed up society and perverted science.

Imagine how much more good for mankind could be perpetrated with all the money going into science instead of the church? Imagine what diseases we might have been able to cure if we weren't subsidizing guilded furniture in the Vatican or private jets for Benny Hinn and Creflo Dollar?

If we're angry at anything, it's stupid people in general, who equate an aberration in their senses to some mythical creature.

The funny part is if I talk critical about Muhammad or Scientology or Astrology, you will likely completely agree with me. It's only when I employ the same critical-thinking standards to Jesus that you get uppity and accuse me of "hatin'" or not "understanding". Ironic? I think so.

You say if we separate ourselves from Jesus we are left to fend for ourselves. Well, what does Jesus do for you? Does he babysit your children? Does he pay your electric bill? Does his hand come down from the clouds and take that cigarette, drink or illegal drug from your hand? Perhaps the saddest thing of all about theists is how they divest their own sense of self, accomplishment and responsibility in a magical sky-daddy, and then they wonder why their life isn't as satisfying? What do you expect when you don't take credit for your own accomplishments. You have a built-in reason to fail and say, "Oh well, I didn't have enough faith." And you think Atheists have nothing to live for? And are "on our own" more than you? It's exactly the opposite. We don't have our heads in the clouds and we can see farther and clearer. We aren't huddling around in packs trying to reaffirm the delusion that never seems to reconcile itself with reality. We try to make THIS world a better place each day, instead of merely preparing for some sort of post-death judgment that is nothing more than feeble speculation dreamt up by nomadic sandpeople thousands of years ago. Good luck with that. But don't mischaracterize us. We don't "hate" religion. We feel sorry for you, like you feel sorry for us. The difference is, our position is rooted in reality; yours isn't.

--Pile 08:51, 7 November 2007 (CST)

  • If we're angry at anything, it's stupid people in general, who equate an aberration in their senses to some mythical creature. I heard it described once as the feeling you would have toward an adult who sill believed in Santa Claus.

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