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This page does not exist, yet it is linked to in the general editing template (I can see it as I write this). Since I haven't contributed in a year and a half, I have a sense of what new people may be wondering. I think it would be helpful to describe at least:

  1. what can permissibly be copied into freethoughtpedia,
  2. relevant guidelines for when things should be copied,
  3. examples of each.

(If you can provide guidance on what the intent is, I am happy to track down the relevant material and write a draft of the page, which can then be mercilessly edited.)

Here is an example that you can edit (or you can start from scratch) - it should be assumed that this is wrong as long as it is on the discussion page.

FreeThoughtPedia is a public domain, free resource. As such, copyrighted materials cannot be copied into this resource. Only original contributions (i.e. written by you), public domain material, or other free resources can be introduced into FreeThoughtPedia. The following are examples of public domain and free resources:
* Items which were not copyrighted or for which the copyright has expired, e.g. James Joyce's Ulysses
* Others? [I find mostly copyleft - not completely free - resources]
Just because something can be copied, does not mean it should be. Generally, content should be edited for applicabilty. As described on the main page, this resource is not intended to overlap significantly with Wikipedia or other resources.
The following are copyleft and cannot be copied into FreeThoughtPedia because FreeThoughtPedia does not currently post the GNU Free Documentation License notice:
* Wikipedia (GNU FDL)
* Wiktionary (GNU FDL)
* Anything published under the GNU Free Documentation License
If you read the copyleft description at the FSF, you will see that these copyleft items are actually copyrighted with terms that allow free distribution to all, so long as the terms are retained.

I look forward to seeing what gets posted. In the meantime, I will be summarizing the faith definition rather than copying it from wiktionary. --ransage 11:52, 2 May 2009 (CDT)

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