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Disproving god via arguement of the infinite

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People start off with the presupposition that god is infinite because if he wasn't then he would have to have a creator himself and so on at an infinite regression. So we work from this.

If something is infinite...

It cannot create: It would already have everything. To create something would mean it's not infinite after all.

It cannot think: It already has the knowledge of everything all at once.

It cannot judge: (basically it's the same as thinking, but more focused on what christians believe about heaven and hell)

If something is infinite, it would be omnipotent by default. It would know all things. It would know your entire life story before anything even existed so obviously before you were even born. An infinite being would know whether you would commit genocide before you did it or whether you would deduce there is no god and be an atheist. You might say "but god gave us freewill," but what would that matter? Just because you are the one making choices doesn't mean he didn't know your fate before you were born. In an infinite beings eye's he knew all your choices you would ever make and you would be therefore predestined a heaven or hell in the view of the being which would make the whole idea of a "test" silly indeed.

Therefore, we can see that the idea that humans have of some deity that created us is quite silly indeed because something that is infinite cannot create because it already has. We needn't even go into individual religions because the idea is false from the starting point.

The "infinite" dimension referred to in the above argument is (loosely) the time dimension in our universe. Most in the scientific community now believe that space and time in our universe are both finite. If a religion assumes that God created the universe from "beyond" the universe, the argument breaks down, since nothing can verify the nature of existence beyond the familiar space/time universe. In other words, the argument makes no sense if God existed "before" time, and only leads to speculation about the nature of things outside the universe, with no room for scientific verification. Attempting to explain something outside this universe with the term "infinite" is difficult. Maybe we have already been created in this life an infinite number of times - this theory must be blindly rejected as well in order to use the above argument.

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